Julien Lesage is an expert in communication design whose projects are often praised for effectiveness and are sometimes adopted as best practice*. For over 25 years he has worked with clients like Deutsche Bank, Strutt & Parker and City of London on designs including corporate reporting, branding, and publicity campaigns.
Julien is the Director and Senior Designer at Lesage Design, a small studio where you will have Senior-level contact with him throughout all projects. He can help your communications achieve greater engagement and response as well as identifying cost savings and advising on types of media to use.
He loves the challenge of ‘making boring things interesting’. He believes that the simplest solution can sometimes take the most effort to arrive at, but that it’s worth it if you create a communication that’s clear and powerful. As a perfectionist, he tries to get it ‘just right’ on every job. On a personal level he values human relationships, transparency and humour.
As people return to work after the Covid-19 lockdown, he can help your employees and clients to observe new rules that are unique to your business, without making your workplace feel like a biohazard ward or a crime-scene sealed off with barrier tape!
You will probably need:
– one-way signage
– social distancing reminders
– hand-washing/sanitising prompts
– explanation/infographics identifying covid-19 symptoms
– explanation/infographics on when to isolate and for how long
– explanation/infographics on use of face-coverings
He can help you deliver these messages with any combination of:
– handbooks + flyers
– signs + stickers
– posters + info screens
– images + infographics for online social media etc
All these media will be aligned to your brand and easy to adapt as rules continue evolve and change. Contact Julien now to get a fixed quotation with no obligation.
And of course, Julien is also more than happy to discuss/quote on any project that’s not to do with the pandemic,– if those projects still exist!

* Julien’s wide-ranging health and safety communications for The Bank of England are credited with doubling compliance and have been adopted and adapted by others including Deutsche Bank and Inmarsat

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