This pack for 4M Architects was designed to be used at one-off presentations of projects when pitching for work.It needed to have high-end specification while being flexible enough to contain large images, letters on standard A4 paper etc. 
Lesage Design believe that folders with pockets are often rather unwieldy in practice, with pages getting squashed or lost altogether, so we recommended that they use a 'Canadian binding' instead. This means that they can bind in all elements with a wire binder while at the same time having a spine that wraps around the whole thing. We also recommended that they use a 297mm square format which means that both A4 and a cut-down A3 size can fit into the pack neatly.
The folder is printed on heavyweight duplex card that is grey on one side and black on the other. It has minimal printing with white ink and the 4M logo is die-cut out of the cover. It was designed so that the hollow logo reveals the first page of the pack which is always a sheet of intriguing specialist paper (or other material) with a texture and finish appropriate to the project.
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